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With the current Covid-19 pandemic, Beyond Biomechanics has been working hard on creating a digital experience to bring our customized, in-person training programs directly to your home from virtually anywhere.

Beyond Biomechanics utilises cutting edge, personal training techniques to help clients from all walks of life achieve their individual, physical aspirations.

Ever since working from home has increased, keeping active and looking after your physical and mental wellbeing has never been more important. Beyond Biomechanics online coaching is specially designed to maximise limited space and equipment while achieving your fitness goals with a bespoke blend of resistance workouts, bodyweight, functional movements and yoga. 

The program starts with an online consultation to establish your current lifestyle and fitness level and ambitions you seek to achieve. We’ll then create a personalised training plan with ongoing support from our founder and qualified personal trainer, Carlos Quezada. Carlos will take you through one-to-one online fitness sessions, adjusting your training and nutritional goals each month as we hit key milestones and reach new levels.

It’s vital that working from home shouldn’t be a barrier to health and wellbeing. Join our program, get fitter and feel great.

To arrange a personalised session, contact


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