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Hi! I'm Dasary, 

I’m a private personal trainer for women in Herndon, Virginia. I am a passionate health and wellness professional who loves to provide customized, personalized, one on one coaching. 

I am qualified in both traditional and holistic healing techniques, which make me uniquely qualified to facilitate guidance to my clientele through every life phase. 

Whether we navigate hormonal shifts or achieve general wellbeing, I'm here to support you on a transformative journey to optimal health. Specializing in women's fitness needs, I offer personalized, one-on-one sessions that cater specifically to your goals, ensuring that every workout moves you closer to where you want to be.


I work with clients on becoming more self-aware of their beliefs, thoughts, feelings and patterns that hold them back from living the life they want. I help clients identify their strengths, set goals for themselves and use those goals to create sustainable habits that will improve how they feel about themselves. After years of training clients one-on-one I recognized that there was a need for more personal attention in the fitness industry. My goal as a Personal Trainer is to change the way women think about fitness – we want all women to be able to feel comfortable at the gym, and we want women to become confident in themselves and their bodies through health and fitness without intimidation or judgment.


Certified Personal Trainer 


Fitness & Wellness 

Stretching & Flexibility 

Weight Loss & Nutrition 

Strength & Conditioning

Physique & Bodybuilding



I have a genuine desire to help my clients with a personal training plan to lead fitter, healthier and happier lives. Sharing a journey together, I help clients to achieve their goals by providing guidance, encouragement and motivation. Both knowledge and experience are the key to success, and, in my opinion, I deliver both. I am determined to transform my clients‘ physique and health and to take their fitness to a level they never thought was even possible.  I also believe in a healthy diet, and in the benefits and positive impact that certain foods have on our bodies and wellbeing.  

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