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My name is Tyler Dos Santos; Swiss-born Brazilian American who grew up in NOVA. In my childhood I was an artistic, theater-loving bookworm who was far from athletic; let-alone active. That changed when I took my first weight training class at 16 and never looked back. Though my major was in theater arts in college, it was in the weight room and with the track and field team (I threw shotput) where I felt in my true element.


Having started out as a lifter and have always gone back to weights after experimenting with various methods, I don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach. From my personal journey, I’ve found that there’s something for everybody. Better yet some-THINGS! Why stick to only what you know when there’s so much to learn? 


Unsure of your pursuits? Uncertain of your path? Been there, done that, and I can help you discover your own path!


When I’m not training; I have been a fishmonger at Whole Foods for almost five years. I am an avid cook (fit foodie and proud) and avid cyclist. I also love to study all that is international, especially history ,cuisine and languages. Also; I’ve been an amateur ballroom dancer for just under a year now.


Certified Personal Trainer 


Fitness & Wellness 

Weight Loss & Nutrition 

Strength & Conditioning

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