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Benefits of Personal Training

If you’re looking to take your fitness journey to the next level, you may be wondering

whether hiring a personal trainer is right for you.

Whether you’re new to exercising or the gym is your second home, working with a

personal trainer can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

A certified personal trainer is someone who is trained in creating and implementing safe

and effective exercise programs for their clients. In other words, they’ll help you work

out and execute other lifestyle changes to reach your fitness goal.

Read on for 3 reasons why you might want to consider hiring a personal trainer:

1. You’ll learn about health, fitness, and your body

A personal trainer isn’t just there to make you sweat — you’ll likely learn something from

your time together, too.

To become a certified personal trainer through an accredited organization like the

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or American Council on Exercise (ACE),

a person must be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using an

automated external defibrillator (AED).

They must also pass an initial certification exam and earn continuing education hours

each year to stay current.

That means your personal trainer knows a lot about human physiology and body

mechanics, behavior change, exercise science, and more. They can help you learn

proper form, how to use specific equipment, and what exercises will be most effective

for you.

Beyond that, they can teach you about greater health and fitness topics that will help

you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2. You’ll get an individualized plan

A quick Google search will yield many pages of workouts or programs you can follow,

but that doesn’t mean they’re the best option for you. Having a personal trainer will

ensure that you have an individualized plan that will give you the best results.

For instance, say after an initial consultation with your trainer, they notice that your right

leg is weaker than your left leg — and you had no idea. This imbalance is causing you

to compensate during many daily movements and exercises, which exacerbates the


To address the issue, your trainer then incorporates single-leg movements into your

workouts, allowing you to correct this imbalance and make yourself stronger overall.

In fact, recent research indicates the effectiveness of individualized workout plans just

for this reason.

3. Promotes a healthy lifestyle change

Working with a personal trainer can help you develop good habits for a lifetime.

One study found that people do a whopping 43% of their everyday actions while they’re

thinking about something else.

This means that if you don’t purposefully integrate those healthy habits — taking the

stairs instead of the elevator, drinking water over soda, sleeping 8 hours — you may

have a harder time seeing results.

A trainer can help you make these changes one by one and support you through any

roadblocks that may arise. Starting small and adding to the wins is the most effective

way to master habit change, and a good personal trainer will help you navigate this


The bottom line:

A personal trainer can give you the tools and support that you need to reach a health

and fitness goal.

They can provide support, accountability, education, and a personalized plan of attack,

so you may find working with one well worth the investment.


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